Struggling to get your tongue around the Italian words you have memorized?

Afraid people will finish their discussion before you can get in with one of the sentences you have mastered?

You are in the right place.

Photo: Katuscia Da Corte

This is the space for people to Be Italian, not just Learn it.

If spontaneous speech is your destination, buckle up and get ready!

What does it mean to speak spontaneously?

  • It is to be able to speak without fear
  • It is learning to use the language that you are studying
  • It is not only speaking Italian it is also about interacting and communicating in Italian
  • It means going to Italy or speaking with Italians around the world and being able to use the language confidently (naturally) with them
  • It is not to worrying about forming the perfect sentence

  Let’s journey through spontaneous speaking together

In viaggio con Barbara

It Is a programme that will help you to feel more at ease while communicating and listening the spoken Italian.

You will:

  • Learn to speak Italian with up-to-date content and feel connected to Italian culture
  • Improve your SPOKEN ITALIAN
  • Become more spontaneous when speaking in Italian and use the language you are studying with confidence
  • Learn how to prioritise speaking in your learning process
  • If you need to travel to and around Italy, live there or you just love the melody of the Italian language!
Sono Barbara Rocci

Sono Barbara Rocci


I’m Barbara Rocci. I am a teacher and language coach, I am in love with my job. Food, wine and traditions are always my favourite subjects for connecting learners with the real language.

I have seen first-hand how important it is for learners to practice speaking in order to be able to interact when in Italy or with Italians in the world, with confidence and communicate spontaneous.

I want to help you to be more autonomous and natural without the need for being an expert in the Italian language. I want you to enjoy the process of becoming spontaneous in Italian through topics and activities that will give you the curiosity for exploring more of the Italian language and culture.

Barbara recognises that learning a language is not just about acquiring the tools of grammar and vocab but as importantly about using them in a cultural sense: how, why, when and when not to! As well as regional differences and dialects. This really helped me to connect the language skills I learned with Barbara to the experience of being in Italy and communicating in Italian, which has been invaluable to me.

Katherine Wallis

Copy-editor, transcriber and translator

One of the best part of my week is to learn Italian with Barbara.

Barbara Schymyck

Primary teacher