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In this video, I am talking about Italian coffee – how to order it, the type of coffee to order and the meaning of the sentence prendiamo un caffè!

It is very common for Italians to invite a friend or someone we know to prendere un caffè. Remember that it is first just an ‘excuse’ to meet someone and chat for a few minutes/half an hour. When we go to prendere un caffe, the first goal is to spend time together. It doesn’t matter if we really have a coffee or something else.

Apart from this, coffee is a serious part of Italian life. If you ask an Italian what his or her favourite smell is, the response would most often be l‘aroma del caffè quando sale dalla moka (the smell of coffee arising from the cafetiere. An Italian contemporary writer Erri de Luca, for whom I have great respect, wrote in his book I Tre Cavalli, ‘A riempire una stanza basta una caffettiera sul fuoco’ (‘To fill a room, all you need is a cafetiere on the hob’).

Coffee at the bars: it is as well really important for us! going to a bar and order coffee (lungo, ristretto, macchiato etc.). We go there, order coffee at the counter, drink it standing in front of the counter and leave. An action of a few minutes but full of pleasure, routine and tradition.

And you? Have you ever had coffee in Italy? If yes where, would you like to share your experience?

I hope you enjoy the video, and please if you have any questions write them in the comment, I will be happy to reply.