Un Video autentico per esercitare il tuo ascolto in italiano – Valentina Picchi, artigiana della pelle  There are many benefits of using video in education as shown in several decades of research. Watching a video can impact your learning enormously.

Take your time and explore it to learn vocabulary and improve your listening. Listen it as much as you can, it is a real good exercise.

Valentina is speaking Italian standard with a Tuscany accent, so it is also interesting listening to the variety of Italian accents. Valentina speaking path is ‘fast’ as she does normally, so it is an authentic video which gives you an authentic learning experience.

During the video you will learn also some cultural aspects of the Italian culture. For example the use of “zoccoli di legno” during the summer in the 80th, but you will see that nowadays it is again fashion using them. 

Use the subtitles if you really need to (good exercise trying without it), and use them to focus in some new vocabulary.

What are some of the benefits of video for language acquisition? discover it here http://www.cambridge.org/elt/blog/2016/04/15/engaging-language-learners-video/



Ed ora l’intervista a Valentina!



Valentina is from Lucca, Tuscany and few years ago she moved to London, where she opened her own business: Il sito di Valentina – Valep.  She is a designer and maker of practical and beautiful leather accessories. I met Valentina few years ago through a friend in common, recently we decided to meet and I interviewed her. We then made this video, it is going to be in two part.

Valentina mi ha trasmesso la sua energia, passione e la sua voglia di lavorare bene e instancabilmente!




This is the first part, you have the option of choosing Italian subtitles:



Gli zoccoli di legno di Valentina


La macchina per cucire la pelle con cui Valentina lavora tutti i giorni.


Valentina pronta per le sue spedizioni in tutto il mondo 🙂


After watching the video please leave comments if you like it, if you found it interesting and let me know which vocabulary did you learn!



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