Ciao sono Barbara, ti do il benvenuto su Time to be Italian

About me and speaking spontaneously

Speaking in Italian is your goal? Would you like to speak Italian spontaneously without struggling to get your tongue around the words you have memorized?

You are in the right place.

I’m Barbara Rocci. I am a teacher and your guide for learning the Italian language. 

I am in love with my job. Food, wine and traditions are always my favourite subjects for connecting learners with the real language.

I have seen first-hand how important it is for learners to practise speaking in order to be able to interact when in Italy or with Italians in the world, with confidence and communicate spontaneously.

I want to help you to be more autonomous and natural without the need for being an expert in the Italian language. I want you to enjoy the process of becoming spontaneous in Italian through topics and activities that will give you the curiosity for exploring more of the Italian language and culture.

How it all began

I started to teach 13 years ago. I was born and grew up in San Severino Marche, going on to study in Urbino, Rome, Siena, and Macerata. Loving history, historical documents, and libraries, I worked as an archivist for several years. I needed a job where I can communicate with people and share my love for the Italian language.

However, in 2006 I took a shot in the dark. I went back to studying and everything changed. From that point, I have been an Italian teacher. Since 2012 I have lived in England, first in London and now in Kent. Thus I await you here with Time to be Italian!

In 2012 I moved to England so since then I am enjoying sharing my love for Italy ad the Italian language with all the many Italophile I encounter in this Country.

I live in a small town in England and my companions are my husband and my dog. I love cooking, I love it so much that I can lose myself in the kitchen for hours.

I also love discovering new restaurants and believe it or not I do not eat only Italian food 😉 ..another thing that makes me happy is the sea.

My professional background

I studied in Urbino for becoming a librarian and archivist, I then did the prestigious school for Archivist in Rome ‘Archivio di Stato’.

In 2006 I decided to go back to school and I did the Ditals a course for becoming an Italian teacher, at the University of Urbino then after it a Master for Italian Language teachers at the University of Macerata. I worked in Italy as a teacher at Edulingua Language School and then in the UK at King’s College London. In 2017 I opened Time to be Italian and here I am. If you would like to know more about my background check my Linkedin profile.

I will help you to use the language and not only to study it. You do not  need to be “gifted” at languages, but you need some consistency in practising Italian and that will lead you to a comfort zone to speak Italian confidently and spontaneously.

At Time to be Italian, you can have a full immersion into the Italian language and culture!

Let’s start speaking!

Basta davvero poco per cominciare a parlare in italiano con gli italiani, ho preparato per te 5 modi per cominciare una conversazione.

Scarica gratuitamente la mia guida “5 conversation openers in Italian” perché… It’s time to BE Italian!