Time to be in Cucina

A space to learn Italian culture and recipes.

I love cooking and learning the story and traditions behind each dish.

Since I was a child, I had my hands in flour and my head in cook books. I love discovering new culinary things. I am curious, and would like to discover new things every day. My first humble creations were butter biscuits – I was 7 years old and remember someone passing by my house at the time who stopped to ask my grandmother where the bakery was as they could smell something delicious.

Though not a chef by profession, I really want to create a space to learn together, to make new recipes, learn about the story of the dish/products, tradition and speak together in Italian.

Here is: Time to be in Cucina

What is it?

A series of 3 workshops, totaling 6 hours divided into 3 sessions. A short journey to take together into some Italian recipes and their story.

We will cook together, or you can just watch and use the recording later for cooking if you like.

It will be live on Zoom. You will receive the link, via email.

A week before the workshop I will send you the shopping list to participate during our live session.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive the video recording of the lesson (available for one month after the course), an e-Book with the recipe, and the story of the dish. A channel via Telegram will be available for sharing doubts and questions for the duration of the three sessions.

You can ask questions during the sessions, if possible, in Italian. The workshops are in the Italian language.

The three workshops are for people who have at least an intermediate level in Italian.


* 6 hours of cooking together, from the comfort of your home
* Cook, listen & learn about the history & tradition of Italy through authentic Italian cuisine
* Meet and learn from an Italian expert in food & wine
* Ask your questions and discuss on a dedicated Telegram channel throughout the 3 weeks of this event.
* Keep the recordings forever + dive into the recipe e-book!

When is it going to be?

3 days in 3 weeks:

*Saturday 4th June 2022 from 06:00 – 08:00 pm 

*Saturday 11th June 2022 from 06:00 – 08:00 pm

*Saturday 18th June 2022 from 06:00 – 08:00 pm

(Rome time zone)

The cost for the three sessions is €90


The session is a workshop I will tell you the story of the recipes, show you how to cook (well we will cook together if you want) and in one of the session you will meet a Special guest. You can ask questions if you like, any time.

But you do nee to talk if you do not feel like. It is not a conversation class. 

Yes, these sessions are in Italian. I recommend to have at least an intermediate level. It will be a good listening exercise and will be fun because there is a lot to see and a lot of vocabulary. 

In the future it will be ‘Time to be in Cucina’ also in English. If you are interested write me an email at: info@timetobeitalian.com 

There is a recording, so you can catch up everything through the recording plus for the three weeks there is a Telegram channel to support you with questions, doubts. You can write there any questions and of course you can write me emails. 

The aim of these session is to offer you an opportunity to discover more of the Italian culture while cooking and listening the Italian language. 

It is also an opportunity to have fun meet other people who have similar interests.

It is also an opportunity to learn new Italian recipes and some secretes.

An authentic opportunity to meet online and have an experience through the food and talking about the food.

You can cook alongside me if you like or you can just watch and decide to cook with the recording later on.

After signing up, you will receive the list of ingredients and tools you need if you want to cook with me. Or you are well prepared to do it later.  

The cost for the three sessions is €90

More questions? Let's talk