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A space to Speak Italian Spontaneously

Uno spazio per parlare in italiano insieme, come se fossimo in Italia, come se fossimo in una piazza italiana, come se fossimo al mercato, come se fossimo al bar. Uno spazio dove giocare con le parole, parlare, comunicare. spontaneamente. Conoscere, approfondire la cultura italiana. Un luogo dove scoprire tradizioni e luoghi grazie alla chat e alle nostre conversazioni dal vero.

I need to speak more Italian. But how?

This is a place to speak, listen and learn useful vocabulary connected with spoken Italian. It is also a community where you can meet with me and other people who love to speak in Italian. If you feel like:

  • sono timida è difficile per me parlare in italiano ma vorrei trovare uno spazio dove sentirmi a mio agio
  • ho un esame ma non ho molte opportunità per esercitare il parlato
  • vorrei trovare più opportunità per parlare in italiano e discutere della cultura italiana
  • vorrei imparare a parlare meglio e conoscere più espressioni, parole comuni del parlato italiano
  • vorrei sentirmi più italiano/a quando parlo
  • vorrei parlare italiano regolarmente

Sei nel posto giusto!

Join the Italian Speakers Society

When you go to Italy or speak with your Italian relatives you want to feel good and express yourself spontaneously without fear and without being worried about making mistakes. You also would like to understand better and speak without translating everything in your mind, or you would like to have more opportunities to train your Italian so you do not forget how to speak.


You need to understand Italian in different situations non just the bar and restaurants. You would love to be able to understand the different accents and ways Italians have to say specific things.


Think for example of all the ways we have to say:


  • croissant, it depends on where you go in Italy you will hear pasta, cornetto, brioche, etc. So we will go from everyday conversations to – spoken Italian
  • the different uses of words like “quindi”, “cioè” etc.
  • expressions of the spoken language like “manco”, “mica”, “come rimaniamo” etc.

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How does it work

This is a community where we focus on specific features of the spoken language so you should be at least an intermediate speaker of Italian in order to fully enjoy being part of the Italian Speakers Society.

We meet twice per month and we talk about a different subject about Italy, Italian culture, you will learn some spoken Italian, useful expressions, new words, Italian phonetics and pronunciations and you will feel more confident when speaking Italian.

The Italian language is beautiful and creative, in this community We will talk about everyday life in Italy and all things cultural. If you want to speak Italian but you do not have many chances to do it this is the perfect opportunity for you to use the language you love and improve it.

Because it’s time to be Italian!

Mock Up 4 weeks with me

What is included:

  • Two monthly live 90 minutes sessions
  • Before each session, you will receive 1 audio message/doc revealing the topic of the conversation and all the links to the resources you can use to prepare yourself.
  • After each session, you will receive 1 PDF with the topics covered during the live sessions.
  • Telegram group with a chat
  • Once every three months a workshop  (about an Italian cultural subject / interview to an Italian guest)

Ready to come on board?

Remember, this is a 3-month membership and the cost is 180 euros every 3 months. The conversation classes are for a maximum of 7 people so that we can all interact, listen, speak, have fun, learn.

There are 2 groups (upper-intermediate and advanced) and the membership is opening every three months.  

   The live sessions are twice per month on :

 – Tuesdays (Intermediate/upper intermediate level) 7:30 pm Rome Time zone

 – Wednesdays (advanced level) 7:30 pm Rome Time zone (fully booked)


The Italian Speakers Society is now OPEN

Days Hours Minutes Seconds
The Italian Speakers Society is now CLOSED

Enrol Here!

Extra reasons to sign up for it

You can speak Italian twice per month with others

– You will have access to a private Telegram Channel and stay connected with the Italian language daily

You can learn new expressions, words, authentic spoken Italian

You will learn more about modern Italian society and culture, like cinema, art, socials, books, etc.

You will be part of a community

You will learn to speak more spontaneously

You will have the opportunity to chat with other learners

You will be able to ask questions during the sessions

You will learn to have better conversations in Italian

 You will improve your writing through the telegram chat, you will be to be often in contact with the other members and me. Exchanging messages regarding Italian culture, books you are reading, and kind of topics.

You will have feedback from me during the sessions, I will be the ‘facilitator’ of these sessions, you will be the main speaker and speak with the others! 

The Italian Speakers Society is now open 

Days Hours Minutes Seconds
The Italian Speakers Society is now CLOSED

Enrol Here!


How much time do I have to reserve every month for the chat

There will be two sessions of 90 minutes each month . I will comunicate the right days each month so you can add them to your calendar plus you will need sometime to check the worksheet od the sessions ans the Telegram Channel where I publish every week. In total you will need 5/6 hours per month. to have a great benefit from it

Can I unsubscribe anytime?

Yes, you can unsubscribed anytime. Just remember to cancel your subscription at least a day before your payment is due.

What happens if I miss a session?

The membership is not refundable but you will receive the video and audio recording after each session  and a follow up of the session.

Plus you will have the opportunity to chat on telegram with the other memebers and the teacher.

Is this only for advanced learners?

No, these sessions are excellent for who wants to improve their speaking and be part of a community or people who love the Italian language, culture. You need to have an intermediate or upper intermediate level.

Is there any grammar in these live sessions?

These are conversational sessions where we mainly discover new expressions, colloquial language, When to use a formal register, expressions of the spoken language, lots of listening. 


The Society helped me to feel closer to Italy and has introduced aspects of culture and language that I wouldn’t ordinarily encounter in my own language-learning journey. Plus it’s a valuable opportunity to speak in Italian, in an informal group environment, that I don’t currently have otherwise. The fact that each session is exclusively in Italian is brilliant as it requires adapting to a particular language mindset and sustaining it for 90 minutes, which is great exercise!
Francesca Resteghini – UK
Freelance Production Manager
I wanted more opportunities to practice my speaking and conversation in a low-pressure environment, and The Italian Speakers Society has delivered!
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to speak in a low-pressure environment! And I learn something interesting each session.
Having a small group to chat with. is more relaxed because I’m not in the spotlight the whole time!
Kimberly Johnson – USA
Freelance Data Analyst