Italian - live it, not just learn it

A 7-day Italian language and culture immersion trip off the beaten Italian track

A boutique trip where you will discover Italy through smaller towns, practising Italian without switching to English. Experience food, wine and art without fighting off crowds of tourists.

Are you tired of being a tourist in Italy? I thought as much. I think it’s time to be Italian and so I have organised a 7-day trip to the beautiful Marche just for that. 

 In Marche, you’re blown away by the colours of the sea and its countryside in the Spring. The olive trees, the vineyards, the hills… A succession of medieval cities and monasteries….

It is a place where people are kind and meet you with warmth.

A “boutique” trip where we’ll stop whenever we want. If necessary, we’ll switch directions in order to watch the sunset.

All this in Italian. We’ll be together.