Are you ready to explore new language skills and feel positive and adventurous with your speaking?

Let’s journey through spoken Italian together

Keep your key’s handy, here is the programme:


  • Learn to speak Italian with up-to-date content and feel connected to the Italian culture
  • Improve your SPOKEN ITALIAN 
  • Become more spontaneous when speaking in Italian and use the language you are studying with confidence
  • Learn how to prioritize speaking in your learning process
  • If you need to travel to and around Italy, live there or you just love the melody of the Italian language!

This is a  4-week course. The time commitment per week is calculated for 5 hrs per week.

They say the journey matters more than the destination, so here's what our journey will give you:

  • learn  HOW TO COMMUNICATE in Italian spontaneously 
  • acquire strategies to speak clearly in an articulate way
  • speak without translating
  • understand spoken Italian better
  • acquire strategies to slow native speakers down naturally
  • be able to take turns and feel confident when conversing with native speakers 
  • familiarise myself with key topics of Italian culture and lifestyle
  • develop strategies to paraphrase, acquire vocabulary and colloquialisms

I want to come on board!


Click on the button to come on board and book an appointment with me ( 20 minutes) to evaluate your level and start 4 weeks with me!

What levels of Italian do I need to be able to do this programme?

The course is suitable for a variety of levels, the minimum entry requirements are an intermediate level of Italian (equivalent to 2 years of study). Please if you are thinking to do this programme contact me and I arrange a free 20 – minute live assessment.

Tell me more about the course:

The time commitment per week is calculated for 5 hrs per week.

The programme is focused on spoken language structure, vocabulary, interaction, everyday speech, how to argue a point, improvisation. It is a speaking practice journey with constant feedback. It is also focused on subjects like traditions, food, Italian daily life and modern Italy.

Each week you will have:

Mock Up 4 weeks with me

1 one to one live session with me for conversation practice (30 minutes) + the recording of the session with notes of it 

Mockup 4 weeks with me 2

1 audio/video material designed for self-study + practice 

1 assignment sent by email to keep you on track with your speaking 

Mockup 4 weeks with me 3

Private Forum page you can access for Q&A regarding the assignments and language issues 

Mockup 4 weeks with me 4

personal video/audio feedback for each assignment 

I want to come on board!

The investment is £280

Click to contact me and we’ll chat for about 30 minutes so we can establish your starting level and plan our 4 weeks together according to your needs.